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It is with great joy that I greet the members and advisers of the Young Catholic Social Circle of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral for this year 2015.
I congratulate you as you celebrate this year’s Paalay with the theme “Maria: Ina ng mga dukha, gabay ng kabataang Pilipino patungo kay Kristo.”
The Philippine Catholic Church takes pride in calling itself “a Church of the Poor”, admitting its total dependence on God and yet has the capacity to reach out and help the poor live humane lives.
With this inspiring thought, I would like to underscore the commitment of all parishioners, especially the young Catholics, to start living out the evangelical counsel of “poverty” and be active in transforming the lives of the poor in society.
You can start being a genuine “Young Church of the Poor” by totally relying on God alone and learning His ways.  Ask for the gift of humility and learn from Jesus so that you will be filled with His wisdom and grace.
Secondly, be a lively Church of young pe…